Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Should i change my serpentine belt?

well its got quite a few cracks on the inside, and i've noticed on crack on the outside that goes almost to both edges, from the middle of the flat side of the belt, i don't know if it's been changed in the life of the car lol, 116k miles, but i know it hasn't been in the 20k i've been driving it =p

umm a pic of the one crack that i'm worried about would look like so, digitalized: =p

| --- | %26lt;%26lt;how much longer do you think the belt will last?Should i change my serpentine belt?
change it now before it leaves you stranded out on the road someplace.Should i change my serpentine belt?
it will last a little bit longer. mine has heat cracks too.for all they cost i would change it if i were you. i,am going to change mine the first of the month. what i do i usually throw my old 1 in the trunk for an emergency.Should i change my serpentine belt?
you should be changing it as soon as possible. The serpentine belt is only rated for 60k miles. For your own safety it is worth the $24 expense.Should i change my serpentine belt?
id change it...or you could wait until it breaks...but you know it will break on a rainy night,,,3 am 100 miles from home...Should i change my serpentine belt?
You could wait until you break down on the highway. Maybe a beautiful woman will stop to help you. She may be real good with wrenches if you've got the new belt in the trunk.Should i change my serpentine belt?
why wait, they only cost $20 or so