Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to change a Serpentine Belt (93 Olds Cutlass)?

I'm having a hell of a time trying to replace the serpentine belt on my 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (6 Cylinder 3.3 liter).

Turns out my belt was worn out so my brother and I went to replace it. Problem is, we can't lift the tension pulley with a crowbar. We got so frustrated with the tension pulley that we just cut the old belt off. We were told the easiest way was to use a crowbar to lift the tension pulley and slide the belt on and off, that's worked on other cars in the family but not this one.

The tension pulley won't move an inch. We got the new belt on everything except the alternator and decided to pull up on the belt and (to our surprise) lifted the tension pulley just fine but now we can't use the crowbar to keep the pulley up long enough to slip the belt on the alternator.

We have to be doing something wrong and we don't want to lose any fingers with this flimsy system we're using now.

Any gear heads out there? Please help.How to change a Serpentine Belt (93 Olds Cutlass)?
You need what is called a Serpentine Belt Removal tool. Not a Crow Bar! These tools are usually free of charge with a deposit at your local auto parts store. They have the specific fittings and extensions that will work with your tension pulley that are necessary to move it without damaging you or your motor.

I've used them many times and in fact have purchased one for myself because of its ease of use. Once you have this tool you can pretty much change any serpentine belt in about 5 minutes.How to change a Serpentine Belt (93 Olds Cutlass)?
May be wrong...but if I remember right. The idler pulley is fixed. and the tension adjustment is done with an adjuster bolt on the alternator. But it could have actually been on the back of the idler pulley. Loosen the center nut on the pulley and turn the adjuster bolt to move it up or down.

It's been awhile.How to change a Serpentine Belt (93 Olds Cutlass)?
Your tensioner might have a small square hole in it somewhere. Insert either a 3/8%26quot; or 1/2%26quot; ratchet into that hole, whichever fits. The tensioner should move relatively easily.

As for how to reinstall the belt, I would find a different pulley than the alternator to be the last one to put the belt on. Reason being- the alternator has that extra little lip you have to pull the belt over. Usually the idler pulley is flat and is much easier to scoot that belt onto than the alternator.How to change a Serpentine Belt (93 Olds Cutlass)?
If you moved it up but cant keep it up with a crow bar get a ring spanner on to the bolt and use that to leaver it up.Its virtually the same as a commodore engine