Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?

... or every 3000 miles or whatever it is. honestly i dont know squat about cars and when i go to get my oil changed the guys at the shop are always telling me i need this and that its expensive, i really think they are jerking my chain b/c i changed my fluids one visit (the pink stuff) and went to a different oil change shop for my next visit and they said i needed it again because it was dirty, well obviously i didn't do it, but seriously are they just trying to get my money? how many times do i need to change my serpentine belt in a year? if that's even what its called, sorry. well all in all i have a 98 grand prix and it has high mileage and i do get it changed every three to four months, but is it really necessary? i always make sure to check the oil and make sure its full, add oil if need friend has a similar car and changes his oil every 6 to 8 months and his car seems fine ..but guys please help! im sick of getting ripped offDo i really have to get a oil change every three months?
Yeah, 3000 miles or 3 months is correct, but you don't have to be a fanatic about it. A few hundred miles or so over ain't gonna kill the car. Letting the quick lube guys change the oil is fine. Just don't listen to anything they say about %26quot;you need this, that, and the other.%26quot; They are just trying to make a buck off of people like yourself that don't know any better. Not trying to offend you there, just saying, you know. Find a good local mechanic to do your other work for you. Find someone that knows a little about cars to show you a few things you can check on your own, such as the condition of the serpentine belt you mentioned. Those belts should last for YEARS! You should really know how to check your own oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant, tire pressures, etc. Checking and maintaining these things is absolutely critical to your cars health.Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
it depends on how you drive

if you like to drive fast you would change it every 3000 miles

If its jus average driving like to work and keepingur speed right on the speed limit

than ya about every 5000 milesDo i really have to get a oil change every three months?
yeah, do the same as your friend. 5000~7000 miles in between will be okay to me. Oil and modern engines has improved a lot since the '80s.Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
yeah you have to do your oil chage, if you want to keep your car running.Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
If its a new car you should but its really not that big a deal.Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
The oil change shops want you to do it that often, of course. It won't hurt to do it, and it's really cheap insurance. You can go 5,000 miles though. You might also ask what condition the oil is in when you have it changed. If it's really black and dirty, keep on with 3,000.

You might also think about doing it yourself. You can buy the oil and filter for about $15, and it's kind of fun.Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
Hey Keysha, i do agree with the other people about changing your own oil or finding a trustworthy mechanic. I noticed you mentioned that you dont know much about cars. It would be a great idea if you educated yourself just about that basics of cars just so you can understand what is going on when something comes up so you arent getting ripped off by anyone. i think you will actually like the learning process and they arent bad creatures!!! we all know a little bit about the things we already own (features on our cellphones, features on our tvs, what our bodies can and cannot do, what we can and cannot eat). But good luck with your car!!Do i really have to get a oil change every three months?
You need to find a local mechanic, not a chain store like Jiffy Lube. Find a mechanic and go back to him every single time, for oil changes, repairs, whatever. Make sure he is a good mechanic, try to get recommendations from family or friends, but stick with one mechanic. When you keep going to different stores, they don't know your service history and they may simply recommend services based on your car's mileage. If you establish a relationship with a local mechanic, he will always know your service history, and there is more of a bond of respect and trust there (or should be) when you become a regular customer, so he will be less likely to recommend services just to try to rip you off. This is why I recommend local mechanics, because they want to do a good job so they can continue to compete with the chain stores and continue to stay in business.

But yes, absolutely change your oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. You may be able to get away with an extra few hundred miles or a couple of extra weeks, but try to stick to that guideline.