Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I change/replace the drive belt on a 1996 lincoln continental?

I'm having a great deal of difficulty accessing the belt in my 1996 Lincoln Continental. The problem is NOT the routing of the belt (I have a copy of that diagram, %26amp; DO understand how to read it). I am already familiar w/ the principal behind removing %26amp;/or replacing serpentine belts (%26quot;drive-belts%26quot;) in other FMC (Ford Motor Co) vehicles, equipped w/ automatic tensioners but, this time, my ability to physically %26quot;get-to%26quot; the belt is the challenge! I have performed this procedure on one of each of the %26quot;FLM 'Trio' %26quot; (a 1999 Ford [Crown Vic'], a 1996 Lincoln [Town Car] %26amp;, a 1999 Mercury [Gr Marquis]). The design of the engine compartment of the 1996 Linc'n Continental however, is MUCH different than that of %26quot;The Trio%26quot;, in-that all of the engine components in th Linc'n Cont'l are so compacted/close together, that it's nearly impossible to even get the tensioner-release-tool into position to %26quot;rotate%26quot; the tensioner-- Let alone getting a hand/arm in there, to pull the belt out (or put a new one in[!]). . . . . There's TOO MUCH... %26quot;Stuff%26quot; in the way!!!

My best guess would be to unbolt the pwr steering reservoir (w/o draining it) %26amp;, temporarily moving it out of the way. ALL the info I've found on the net AND even in the (Dealership Mechanics') Factory Svc Manual, basically says %26quot;...loosen tensioner, remove the old belt, route the new belt over the pulleys, using the diagram affixed to the bottom of the hood...%26quot; But, how the heck do I get in there, in the first place???!!!

Thanks, in advance!How do I change/replace the drive belt on a 1996 lincoln continental?
well what kind of tool are you using..theres a serpentine belt tool u can use from autozone specifically for that model...
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