Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Need Some car help (Brakes,rotor and serpentine belt) Please help?

Ok so i just got a 1998 Ford Escort from my grandma who passed away couple weeks back. So just to be safe i got it checked at Midas. They told me i had 2 get all my brakes pads, my front rotor and my serpentine belt changed. Im not really good with cars so please explain this to me. when they said get ur front rotor changed, what does that mean...both front many rotors does a car have..... And also does anyone know where i can get all these parts cheap. PLUS I DONT WAN TO SELL THIS CAR SO DONT SUGGEST THAT TO ME. thanksNeed Some car help (Brakes,rotor and serpentine belt) Please help?
You'll get a lot of opinions on cars, and mine from years of experience is not to go to the national chain store franchises like Midas, Goodyear, Firestone, and some others in large metropolitan areas. It's much better in my opinion to get to know some local independent shops you can find below that are recommended by your neighbors. The %26quot;gaurantees%26quot; you get at those chain stores and quickie lubes don't mean much. They end up charging you a lot anyways and less qualified mechanics are generally working on your car. The Ford dealer is a good place to get a diagnosis and quote for engine and transmission problems and let the independent shops do your brake, belts and hoses, exhaust, tires, and suspension work. When a car gets titled in your name at the motor vehicle department, it gets a safety check. If that safety check says your car is ok, then Midas is just trying to make money in my opinion rather than only fix what's needed to be fixed. Preventive maintenance like filter and fluid changes are specified in your owner's manual and are the most important thing for you to spend your money on. Some car help (Brakes,rotor and serpentine belt) Please help?
The rotors are the brake rotors, and your car probably has four, one for each wheel/brake.

As the disc brake pads wear they also slowly wear away the rotors and will need to be replaced.

Serpentine belt is what drives your alternator, AC, power steering and stuff like that. That shouldn't cost you more than $10-$15 or so at an autoparts store. Don't know where you live, so it's hard to say where to get the parts cheapest, but most garages don't like you bringing in your own parts.