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How do i change the serpentine belt?

i need step by step instructions on how to change the serpentine belt on a 91 honda accord. i have no idea of how to do it and the mechanic is tryin to charge me 50 dollars which i dont have please helpHow do i change the serpentine belt?
I don't know why everyone (well, except JonnyBoy) thinks your '91 Accord has a Serpentine belt with an automatic tensioner, because it doesn't.


1. Loosen the alternator mounting nut/bolt and through-bolts.

2. Turn the adjusting nut until the proper belt tension is reached. Recheck the tension and readjust as required.

3. Tighten the mounting nut/bolt to 18 ft. lbs. (26 Nm) and the through-bolts to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm).

4. Start the engine and allow it to run for several minutes. Recheck the belt tension and readjust as required.

Power Steering

1. Loosen the pump through-bolt and nut.

2. Turn the adjusting bolt until the desired tension is reached.

3. Tighten the through-bolt to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm) and the nut to 16 ft. lbs. (22 Nm).

4. Start the engine and turn the wheel lock-to-lock several times. Recheck the belt tension and readjust as required.

btw, if that $50 price includes good quality belts, I'd recommend you have them do it, because the 2 belts alone run over $40 with tax.How do i change the serpentine belt?
Even if the $50 doesn't include the belts, it is CHEAP for a mechanic.

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How do i change the serpentine belt?
$50 bucks shouldn't be too much to spare. If you've never changed a timing belt I wouldn't try it yourself. If you line a tooth or two up wrong, it could result in incorrect valve timing causing your valves to ram into your pistons! So by doing it yourself, your risking ruining your engine for good.How do i change the serpentine belt?
Its easy find the tensioner ? uh... i'm not sure were its located but there is usually a nut looking deal that you need a ratchet to turn this holds the belt on the pullys with tension hens the word tensioner pully if you look at the pully's you will notice a wheel that is just there and looks like it has no purpose well anyway you push on it real hard and it should move not loosen then you take your old one off make sure to look very carefully to see how the belt loops around all the pullys there is always a guide under the hood on a sticker that shows you the route of the belt so anyway put the new one in place and you will have to put force on the tensioner pully again to give you room to finish the last of the routing release tension and there you go your all done it's really not that hard but much easier if you have seen it done before if you cant find the location of the tensioner go to an auto parts store and ask if they can show you were it is they are usually pretty helpfull with info. like thatHow do i change the serpentine belt?
I have no idea where the first person pulled his answer from but it isn't even close! You asked how to change a serpentine belt which has nothing to do with a timing belt which turns the camshaft.

The problem is without a serpentine belt and the tools to do the work $50.00 isn't a bad deal, particularly when the belt costs between $30.- $35.00.How do i change the serpentine belt?
50 bucks isn't bad. First off you have to release tension on the system (i.e. at the tensioner pulley bracket)'s different on some cars. Some actually can be released pushing on the bracket flare with simple open end wrench (mainly modern gm), others require (or makes it easier to do) a serpentine %26quot;bar%26quot; which costs around 30 bucks. You release the tension with one hand and pull the belt off the tensioner with the other hand. Then you thread the new serpentine over all the pulleys in the factory orientation (again...different on different cars) and use the serpentine bar again to release the tension and pull the belt over the tensioner. Visually check to make sure it's on the grooves properly and're done.

The other way is to remove the alternator or possibly the condenser to release the tension which is stupid and takes longer but works. Then route the belt, then put the belt on the removed part's pulley and bolt it in.

I take no responsibility for anything you do and mess up. I suggest either sucking it up and go to the shop and pay for it...or if the belt isn't shredded/ with it until it breaks (check it every time you drive it). When it breaks your water pump won't work neither will your alternator and condenser.

[edit: if no automatic shouldn't touch it...]