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Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?

I took my car, a 2004 Volkswagen beetle to the mechanic to change an engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT switch). They recommended I change the temperature gasket also since the car will already be taken apart (which was $100 extra), so I did.

They said I would need a serpentine belt soon also. So, I changed that. They also changed my oil and gave me a wheel alignment.

I took my car on a road trip about an hour away. Soon as we made it there, my AC stopped working and the car started over heating. So we parked it. We came outside an couple hours later, lifted the hood, and noticed there was no coolant in it at all. We figured that was the problem, put some some coolant in there and proceeded to go home.

On the interstate the hot light came on and my car started to have white smoke coming from the hood of the car. Not ever the tail pipe! We pulled over (almost got lifted by 18 wheelers) and put some more coolant and it was leaking out and kinda looked like there was coolant sprayed all over under the hood. We made it to the next exit. And right before we parked, a red oil light came on.

I towed it to the mechanic and they are saying it's my fault. And the coolant bypass housing has a hole in it and it had calcium in it. and now I need a new head gasket and maybe an engine.

I think its an awful coincidence my car never ever overheated and the day after I get it from them, it has all of these problems.


I towed it away from the shop because when I went outside I noticed the battery was dead!!! The man was saying it would probaby over heat because he thought I was gonna drive it home. He didnt want to give me my part back. He lied to my dad about a core charge and tried to lie to me, but the other person butted in and said there is no core charge. So that was fishy.

Anyway, after I towed it home, i noticed it still didn't have any coolant in it. Is that normal for them to do that. And also, they killed my battery the first time I picked up. (Maybe because they left the doors and trunk wide open during the three trips it took them to fix my tail light.) So that makes it twice that they killed my battery which is still dead! Which shows how negligent they are....

Do you think all of this is their fault? And can you give me some theories on what happened so I can confront the owner?Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
If you already had problems with them, you're a retard for bringing the car back to them.

Otherwise, they CANNOT cause a calcium deposit in your car.

Here is what happened.

You have a lot of problem with your car. You fixed some, which caused certain things to run more efficiently. By running more efficiently, it has caused other smaller problems, to become larger.

And now you have those to fix as well.

Also, let's consider something. You're engine temperature sensor needed replacement.

MAYBE the reason it never overheated before, was because your sensor was bad, and not giving you the proper readout. It was in fact overheating, but you just didn't know. Ever consider that?Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
Boohoo. Looks like people still think I had the best answer.

Perhaps if you knew anything about your car, you wouldn't post stupid, un-informed questions....

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Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
Read the first answer. It is right on.

As far as the battery, they do not last forever. The car is 5 years old. Change the batteryMechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
Thats why I fix my own cars.. Its sux when all Ms Prisssy wants to date is rich Wall St guys that cant change a light bulb. Find a real man that can a keep a woman and her car straight and never broken downMechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
The %26quot;New Beatles%26quot; have a lot of problems.

Because you said that the A/C went out, I want you to look at you serpentine belt. Is it loose? If the belt broke on your trip or is too loose, then that could have caused all your problems.

I believe your head gasket blew. That means that coolant can get into your engine and into your oil. This makes your oil worthless and your engine would then seize. If you got lucky, then the head gasket blew in a way that the coolant just leaves the engine but doesn't get into the oil. Then you just need a new head gasket. The first way you need a new engine, the second way you have the head gasket replace.Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
The first clue is the a/c stopped working...usually a sign of an overheated car..or electrical problem that may have affected the cooling fans...either way should have stopped and checked it out...once the car started to overheat the pressure in the radiator probably exceeded 20PSI...more than enough to rupture a wekk part or hose...continuing to drive only made it worse...You never drive a car with an overheating problem...REGARDLESS...So what happened first is hard to say...who has more blame...You!! for continuing to drive it...What part would they not give you back?? far as the rest goes you are probably right leaving the hood and trunl open probably drained the battery..Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
I think they caused this. with all the extra work they recommended and charged you for then never fixed any problem. The calcium story sounds very fishy and a lie.It is very common for mechanic shops to lie to people who they know, dont know about cars. They did not check for leaks after they did the work. or they forgot to refill it with water. You will need to take it to some else that can tell you why it happened. dont tell them it was another shop, or they may not want to make trouble. tell them an aquaintance did it and you think they messed it up. then get there answer ans estimate in writing. if you choose to sue them you will need this type of documentation. take it a vw dealer or vw specialist so the report will be accepted as reliable. you will prob have to pay for the inspection. But it is something you will have to do.Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
You cannot use anything but genuine VW coolant in this car. Read this again!! YOU CANNOT USE ANYTHING BUT VW COOLANT IN THIS CAR. Mixing it with another coolant will cause a chemical reaction that could look like calcium deposits. It WILL damage the head gasket and the radiator and heater core. To the best of my knowledge of these cars, there is no $100 temperature gasket. They burned you. I have a feeling that you did NOT go to a genuine VW dealer or even a genuine VW experienced technician. When you resolve this problem, you will probably need to have your operating computer re-programmed. VW operating computers must be told that something under the hood has changed. Sometimes an inexperienced mechanic will leave hoses disconnected or will not double check their work. Also, you SHOULDN'T be using any other oil in this car but Mobil One, or ELF oil, that meets SPECIFICATION 502/505. Read you manual 4 times!!!!! You are also overdue for a brake fluid (VW only fluid) change.Mechanic in Wrong? Car Over heated.?
it sounds like too much pressure built up and it blew the head gasket. now you can see why i work on my own car. i don,t trust these people that calls themselfs mechanics. a lot of them are wannabees.

2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?

How much play might a power steering pump pulley have?

I changed the belt and idler pulley(no change). The sound I hearing can get too loud at times to isolate the bad bearing. Serpentine drives: Crank, water pump, alternator, power steering, idler, and tensioning idler. Any ideas?2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
i would get a can of wd40 and spray each one and listen for the noise to stop2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
take the belt off and check each pulley for play and spin the p/s a/c idler and tensioner. you should be able to tell which one is the problem. most likeky the idler or tensioner2000 Ford Windstar 3.8L (bearing shot.. somewhere among 7 pulleys)?
I have seen the cam synchronizer go bad and thought it was a pulley problem. it sounded like the noise was right there at the belt. this was also a 2000 windstar w/3.8. good luck.

What type of belts are in a car?

96 toyota corolla 1.8L 192,000miles

Besides the timing belt, what are the belts in the car?

alternator belt, serpentine belt, what else?

How much would it be to change all of them?What type of belts are in a car?
Power steering, alternator %26amp; aircon belts.

These belts are %26quot;poly V%26quot; types, they are a little more expensive than a standard V- belt, but have a longer life.

You don't have any belt that could be classified as a %26quot;serpentine%26quot; belt. These are a single belt that snakes its way around all the accessories fitted to an engine, that's why they're referred to as %26quot;serpentine%26quot;.

You'll just need to get a quote for replacement.

Are you sure you need them replaced?What type of belts are in a car?
some cars have one belt and they range in priceWhat type of belts are in a car?
power steering air conditioning go to a good mechanic and get a bid

How do I get the tentioner back in place after changing my water pump?

I have a 91 saturn 5 speed. I changed the water pump but now I can't get the tentioner thing to go back in place in order to turn the serpentine belt. Is there a secret to this? Any input will be greatly apprieciated.How do I get the tentioner back in place after changing my water pump?
I hope you replaced the belt and the tensioner also.

At that age, they probably should have been changed long ago. If the belt breaks, it could ruin the engine (depends on engine type).How do I get the tentioner back in place after changing my water pump?
there is a nubb on the back of the tensioner that fits into a hole on your engine that lines it right up. good luckHow do I get the tentioner back in place after changing my water pump?
Its a spring loaded tensioner if you turned it to take the belt off and it didn't spring back the other way its bad.

How is the best way to change a water pump on a '98 caravan 3.3 liter engine?

the tensioner deal on the serpentine belt kind of makes me nervousHow is the best way to change a water pump on a %26039;98 caravan 3.3 liter engine?
and it should,( make you nervous ) keep your fingers out of the way take a bar or screwdriver and pry it back to loosen the belt and slip the belt of of any pulley that is easy to get to, keeping your fingers out from under the belt.
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  • How is the best way to change a water pump on a '98 caravan 3.3 liter engine?

    the tensioner deal on the serpentine belt kind of makes me nervousHow is the best way to change a water pump on a %26039;98 caravan 3.3 liter engine?
    The serpentine belt tensioner is not hard to deal with. They make a tool that makes it easy to move it, to allow the belt to be taken off.

    The water pump itself is located in the front of the engine, near the bottom. The best way to gain access to it is to remove the left front wheel, and the inner fender liner. Remove the pulley, and the pump itself is held in with bolts. These bolts are very thin, and if you are not careful you can break them off in the housing. That will require the bolts to be drilled out, so you want to avoid that if possible. There is limited room to get a drill in.

    If you are not comfortable with the belt, you really may want to consider paying a shop to change the water pump. If they break a bolt or three, they have to do the drilling and tapping at no additional charge.

    I work on my own cars. I pay to have the 3.3 water pump replaced, because over half of them have the bolts break.

    Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado

    The jeep is a dark Bergundy red.

    The paint code seems to be scraped over and I can't read it.

    Any one know what the code is? as i need to touch up some scrapes.

    Also thanks for the advice on how to install a serpentine belt on this jeep

    However the big problem was that the pulley attached to the crank was shot

    I was able to clear all the pieces of belt wrapped around the other pulleys and got the jeep to the service station w/out overheating

    Changing the Pulley was not a walk in the park but I got a lesson on changing pulleys and belts

    Thanks for all your replies

    I am now an RKP a ( reasonably knowledgeable person ) Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
    This is mostly an educated guess but I would say your vehicles paint code is PEG which is dark rosewood, the part for a brush type bottle is 4796116ab $8.75 available in a day or two from your local dealership.

    If you would like you can email me the last 9 digits of your vin and I can make sure the info I gave you is correct.Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
    you can call n the vin to chrysler ,keep your jeep, itll last longer than most woman.

    Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
    I think if you look in the door there is a tag you may find it there hope it helps

    How do I know if my timing belt has broken?

    I'm currently driving a 1999 Toyota Camry CE, running on a 4 cylinder engine, and my check engine light just came one. Recently I had my spark plugs replaced, the radiator/hoses, fan belts, and serpentine belts done, but the mechanic I went to warned me that my timing belt should be coming up since it should have been done at 150,000, and I'm at 160,000 miles. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if it may be the timing belt, i did not notice any change in my car as i was driving except for hearing a tiny bit of clicking coming from behind my dashboard. If it is broken, how much should I look forward to paying?

    Side Note, they also told me I needed to get a gasket cap replaced, told me it isn't pertinent, but could that cause a check engine light to spring up?How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    First off, I've never heard of a gasket cap.

    Second, I doubt any gasket your make your engine light come on.

    Third, it's a little convenient that you just passed the mileage maintenance and they are just more than happy to help.

    It depends on when the last time the belt was done. If you don't know and you have the cash to do it, then go ahead. If you don't then start saving for one.

    These days, the only way you are going to know if your timing belt busted is when your car stops working, then you have real engine damage.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    Timing belts usually need replaced every 50k miles. I'm not familiar with belts. But I learned that timing %26quot; chains rarely ever need to be changed. I think if your engine has a rough idle or misfires that could be symptoms of a worn timing belt.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    if a timing belt fails the engine will not start. it should be done at 60-80,000 miles. if you have not had it done yet, get it done! which %26quot;gasket cap%26quot; a gas cap can trigger that light.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    it isnt broken yet if your car is still running and as far as that clicking noise idk wut that isHow do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    Your timing belt isn't broken cuz then you wouldn't be driving. I recently changed mine and it costed a little less than 1k.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
    If your timing belt breaks while you're driving it can ruin your engine. Tends to bend the valves. This belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft and if it breaks you won't be going anywhere unless you happen to be on the top of a hill and can coast. It definitely needs to be replaced while it isn't broken and if it has a lot of miles on it do it soon. costs can vary all over the place. shop around. The belt itself is probably 15-30 dollars at an auto parts store but this isn't really a do it yourself job unless you're pretty experienced with engine work. The engine light can be literally hundreds of things so you need to get the codes read and go from there.

    Is this quote "sound" for a timing belt replacement on an 02 Jetta 2.0?

    Hey everyone--

    I am getting ready to replace my timing belt (80k), and I got quotes from several places. How much would you pay to get the job done?

    The dealership quotes 795 with the belt, tensioner, water pump, and an oil change, where an independent mechanic quotes that he'd do the water pump, timing belt, serpentine belt, coolant flush, tensioner for 650. Is this good, or can it be better?Is this quote %26quot;sound%26quot; for a timing belt replacement on an 02 Jetta 2.0?
    That sounds like a decent deal. You probably don't need a serpentine belt though so ask if he can lower the price for that. Most of the time when the serpentine belt goes it'll squeal.Is this quote %26quot;sound%26quot; for a timing belt replacement on an 02 Jetta 2.0?
    the dealer will charge you an arm and a legg you can try a regular service station like easy lube or jiffy lube to do it and you can get the parts yourself from Kragen or Autozone. the belt itself should be around $30-40 and the labor should be around 100-150, but if you change your timing belt I suggest you change the water pump as well the labor shouldnt be that different (water pump is located in the middle of the timing belt) and since you have to chamge the water pump at some point anyway you can save on the labor cost. the pump itself is around $100-150

    check for the prices at: this quote %26quot;sound%26quot; for a timing belt replacement on an 02 Jetta 2.0?
    LISTEN GIRLFRIEND!!! DO IT!!!! I just had my timing belt go (at 125K) after being an idiot and not getting it done sooner - like you are. The quote sounds a little high BUT based on my very latest experience it is necessary...dealerships are higher but supposedly better at fixing VW's. I'd try looking all over and ask the service counter about discounts--look at dealership website/newspapers/etc. I get service stuff in the mail a lot. Sign up for everything and register your VW online.Is this quote %26quot;sound%26quot; for a timing belt replacement on an 02 Jetta 2.0?
    This is a good deal. I spent close to $1000, for my Audi timing belt change, that included a H20 pump, coolant, thermostat, rollers, and tensioner.

    Serpentine belt squeaking?

    how do I adjust. I just loosened tension on pulley to change water pump now I can't get it to stop squeaking. The long bolt that adjusts tensioner pulley turns real easy. I can turn it with my fingers. It seemed to be much harder to loosen when I took everything apart to replace water pump. Am I missing something that I didn't re-assemble correctly. This in on a 1997 Jeep 4.0.Serpentine belt squeaking?
    loosen the bolt on the tensioner pulley, tighten the jack screw to where the belt barely deflects when you push on it, and tighten the bolt
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  • Where can I find a step by step manuel on how to change an auto part?

    Where can I get step by step instruction on how to put a serpentine belt on a 2000 323i BMW?Where can I find a step by step manuel on how to change an auto part?
    You don't need step by step instructions if you consider the safe easy way to slide on a fresh belt.

    The proper tool makes the job super easy. Auto parts stores and Sears has a serpentine belt removal bar tool that allows you to gain terrific safe leverage on the belt tensioner pulley. The tensioner can be rotated easily with the furnished bar by either a 3/8 square hole next to the tensioner pulley or the center metric bolt of the actual pulley. These kits include a few metric shallow well sockets and a few crows foot open end wrenches that snap on the end of the tensioner bar.Where can I find a step by step manuel on how to change an auto part?
    you can go to your local auto parts store and pick up a vehicle repair manual for the make and model of your car. if they dont supply them, i would suggest that you just take it to your local repair shop. changing a serpentine belt isnt really anything major and shouldnt cost too much.Where can I find a step by step manuel on how to change an auto part?
    Go down to your local auto parts store ( auto zone, discount auto, Pep

    boys Etc) %26amp; pick up a copy of a Haynes Auto repair manual for the

    make %26amp; year of your car.

    How long should it take to change a alternator on a 2003 yukon xl, 5.3 liter engine?

    my battery not charging light has come on the display, I had the alternator checked and it showed that it was right above the weak signal strength. Would I need the tension tool to take the serpentine belt off?How long should it take to change a alternator on a 2003 yukon xl, 5.3 liter engine?
    Yes you need to release the tension, but a wrench will work.

    That job can be done in 15 minutes or less if you know how.

    How often should I change oil in '93 s-10 tahoe?

    I drive it very little. just to school and back. So far in the past year i've driven it about 3000 miles with no problems relating to oil (just a broken water pump and serpentine belt). If i intend to drive it this little (and maybe less) in the next year, should I still change it every 3 months?How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    If you change the oil every 3 - 4,000 miles or twice per year with an AC Delco PF-52 oil filter each time, forget the time limit as others will try to convince you of.

    Keep in mind slow stop and go and in-town driving is rough on motor oil. If you live where the temperature is like a roller coaster twise per year is best. If you can spring for full synthetic oil once per year would be fine.How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    Yeah, the general rule of thumb is 3 months or 3,000 miles.. whichever comes up first.How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    forget the time/every 3 months...waste of money and oil....i do mine every 5K [99 s 10 chevy...only thing if you go that far...check it....when it goes low [it will] the 1st qt goes slow the 2nd fast...empty before you know it.....synthetic oil??? id go 6 or 7K without worry

    oil and coolant are what keeps engine alive...How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    go by miles about 3000 to 5000 miles depends on how and where one live you run it hard and live where its hot and dustly more offen never hurtsHow often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    you can branch off a circuit that is not used often that only works with key on. .... Q: i just finished changing the intake manifold gasket on my 93 k1500 .... Q: how do u remove the ecm on a 1995 chevy tahoe....location behind glove box ... 97 S10 BLAZER, 10/13/2007.How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    Just do it every 3,000 miles. Everyone on here wants to over-complicate the matter by saying that technology this and that, and 5,000 miles is good, or 7,500 miles is good...I even saw one guy say 15,000.

    It's cheap, it's easy and you only do it once every 3 months. Just do the 3,000 miles intervals. It's cheaper and easier to change your oil %26quot;too often%26quot; than it is to buy a new car or engine. For $25, it's the cheapest insurance you can buy.How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    No. Oil doesn't break down because it sits. Every 3 to 5K miles, or once a year is fine.How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    every 3k or 3 months which ever comes first!! its like blood in ur body dirty slow blood u feel sickHow often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    Change it every 3-4 months....How often should I change oil in %26039;93 s-10 tahoe?
    At 3000 miles a year then once a year is enough!

    The 3000 mile oil change is pretty much a myth but in your case you should change it once a year at least.

    How much does it cost and how long does it take to replace a Serpentine Belt on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE?

    I have a 1999 Ford Taurus SE and I just had the Serpentine Belt replaced. My question is - how long does the job take and how much should it be (ballpark)... The guy I went to I really wasn't crazy about and feel like he ripped me off - I just want to know so I know if I should ever go to him again... He charged me $39 for the part and $50 in labor... I thought the job should only take 10 - 15 minutes so the labor shouldn't have been that much, but he insisted it was a longer job... The whole bill came to $89 and change... Or am I wrong and this is in the ballpark?How much does it cost and how long does it take to replace a Serpentine Belt on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE?
    Good deal; You must live in an area where labor is cheaper. Average is over $100. You can do it cheaper if you have your own tools and do it yourself.How much does it cost and how long does it take to replace a Serpentine Belt on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE?
    He didn't do you any big favor but he didn't bend you over to hard.99.9%

    of shops charge more for the part than what it cost.The last Serpentine

    belt i bought was$20 then i put it on. He may have a minimum of 1hour.

    Call ford and ask them what it would cost you.You may have a smile

    when you hang up.

    Where is the Serpentine Belt located on a 1996 Mercury Sable?

    Every single time I take my sable into the mechanic I some how end up with either having to already pay $100 to get it fixed or $100 and up to get in fixed within the next week. Yesterday I brought my car in for an oil change, and walked out with a diagnosis for 5 computer codes, all nothing that would harm my vehicle but needed to be fixed, an oil leak, and the serpentine belt being cracked not only that but my power steering is supposedly going out and all the pressure hosing. I have a full tank of power steering fluid and haven't been low on oil so I'm a little bit nervous because this seems to happen to much!Where is the Serpentine Belt located on a 1996 Mercury Sable?
    front of the engineWhere is the Serpentine Belt located on a 1996 Mercury Sable?
    Look under the hood of the car. As soon as you open the hood. It is looking right at you. Its the big belt that goes around everything. It is black in color and 2 inches wide.Where is the Serpentine Belt located on a 1996 Mercury Sable?
    It's a 96 sable, those cars have problems. Be thankful the transmission hasn't gone out yet, it will. The Power Steering pump can have fluid in it and still be bad, the way to tell is by listening to the pump while turning the wheel. The serpentine belt is the belt that goes around all of the pulleys on the front of the engine. Depending on where the leak is, it can be an easy fix. Crawl under there and look for any fresh oil at the highest point, hose it off if you have to. If it is coming from the oil pan, it's a cheap fix it yourself deal. If it is coming from between the engine and transmission, it is better left to a mechanic. As for the computer codes, Autozone can help you with that.
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  • Ford focus 2002 model water pump serpentine belt!!?

    I have just changed a water pump on a 2002 model ford focus, I want to know how to get the serpentine belt back on as all there is pulley wise is....

    a alternator at the top, PAS pump next and crankshaft pulley, the tensioner is the waterpump pulley i dont understand how i am supposed 2 get the belt back on if i cant tension the belt first...

    Uk by the way...

    CheersFord focus 2002 model water pump serpentine belt!!?
    you should hahe made a diagram before you took it off, garages carry a serpentine book maybe you could askFord focus 2002 model water pump serpentine belt!!?
    is the water pump on an eccentric cam which you can turn the pump to let off or tension the belt like the old Astra's

    How much can I expect to pay to get serpentine belt replaced 2002 Ford Explorer??

    I was wondering how much can i expect to pay for my serpentine belt to be replaced. I had taken it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they told me it had some small tears and would need replaced asap. I asked them if that was the noise i had been hearing and they said yes it could have been it. They roughly quoted me 79.99 of course thats w/o labor. Does anyone know how much I can expect to pay and any possible cheap placed in Columbus, Ohio I could take it to?

    Thanks :)How much can I expect to pay to get serpentine belt replaced 2002 Ford Explorer??
    Jesus Christ!! Go to any parts store. It shouldn't be more than $30. Tell Jiffy Lube to piss off! And changing the belt is relatively easy. Under the hood is a belt routing diagram. It will show you everything you need to know.

    You will be charged around $45 for labor no matter where you go.

    If you want to buy your own belt from place %26quot;A%26quot; and get in installed at place %26quot;B%26quot;, expect ot hear something like this: %26quot;Since thats not our part, we can't offer any warranty on the belt. If something goes wrong, we won't be able to help you.%26quot; Tell them thats fine. If you go to an Advance Auto Parts (not sure if they are up there) you will be offered 2 types. 1 has a 90 day warrany, the other (more $$$ and better) has a 1 year. You want that one. And if it does fail, you can make a warranty claim w/ Advance Auto. They don't advertise this, but its a reality.

    And save yourself some money and sweettalk the parts store into helping you. If they're not busy, odds are they will help you out. I know I did

    How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?

    I had the water pump replaced (under warranty) because it was leaking/spraying. The mechanic said I had to replace the serpentine belt, too, because when antifreeze gets on it, it will no longer work well. So, I agreed to that. The belt was not covered by warranty, but I figured it was good insurance to change it. When I picked up the car, I was told that the tension assembly for the serpentine belt was also wearing out and that I should replace that also. That also would be not covered by the warranty. Is it likely that there is this problem also? How can I check that there is a problem with the tension assembly without just taking the word of the mechanic?How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    If you get any squeeling or noises from the belt you need a new tensioner as they do wear out, usually one bolt takes them off and then just reinstall the new one and about $65 for the part depending on your application.How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    I usually pull on the belt while watching the pulley/tensioner if it flexes away from or towards the engine it is bad. If it binds when trying to remove or tension the belt it is bad also. But I do not understand why the water pump is under warranty and the tensioner is not.How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    Usually you can tell if it makes a squeaking noise, indicating the bearings or bushings are wearing out. You can normally pull it back by its spring and rotate it. If it doesn't free-wheel, try squirting some WD-40 or a little oil near the hub and try again. If that doesn't work, you can probably bet the bearings are bad. It's pretty common to find one in your local junk yard, because I believe this assembly is common to many GM cars.How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    Most GM serpentine belt tensioners have markings on the tensioner body to indicate that they are functioning within specification. You will see two marks on the inside half of the tensioner body, and one mark on the outside half (closest to the belt). As long as the single mark is lined up between the two inner marks, your tensioner is wthin specification and does not require replacement.

    You can only observe this while the part is installed on the car, while under tension from the drive belt. It is impossible to ascertain once the part has been removed, which sounds like that is the case in your situation. FWIW, serpentine belt tensioner failure IS quite common on GM 2.8/3.1/3.4/3.8 engines, I've replaced many. Hope this helps!How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    1--if your water pump was leaking, you probably only needed a gasket...nice it was under warrantyu.

    2--anti-freeze on a belt WILL NOT RUIN IT, belts are constantly bombared with junk all of the time, the mechanic lie to make money, he probably cleaned it!

    3--tension on a serpentine belt does not wear need a real mechanic..someone who not trying to get all the money out of you...tension on a belt is spring loaded....--stick a rular down next to the belt..start the belt at a number, make it level as possible, push it down with your finger..usually 1/4 to 1/2 inch play...when u push down.....How can you check if the tension assembly for the serpentine belt needs to be replaced in an Oldsmobile?
    i have a oldsmobile too. if the belt is loose, then the tensioner needs replaced, because thats what keeps the right tension on the belt at all times.if the belt is loose, then you were told right.

    Harmonic balancer/serpentine belt problem?

    About a week ago, I started hearing a rattling sound when I turned on my air conditioner. I took it to the shop to get the oil and fluids changed and asked them to look at it. They said my car was fine, but needed it's 70000 mile check up. Three days later, my electrical problems light came on and my ac died. About an hour later the car stopped running in the middle of nowhere. I managed to get back home, but my car is still in the town where I broke down and the mechanic is saying that my harmonic balancer and serpentine belt are missing. What is a harmonic balancer? Is it likely that it would just fall off? How much should it cost to get it replaced? I have no idea if I can trust this mechanic and no way to get a second opinion without paying for a four hour tow to a shop closer to home. Please give me some advice on how to handle this....Harmonic balancer/serpentine belt problem?
    I'm not sure what type of vehicle you are refurring to. On all vehicles though, the harmonic balancer is the crank shaft pully. This turns the drive belt(s) On most vehicles they will come apart and lose the belt. What causes this on most vehicles, the harmonic balancer has a rubber dampener made into it. The rubber will get worn and break apart then the pully comes off along with the belt. They will cause a rattling sound before it comes off also. It will cause you to loose power steering, A/C, sometimes water pump, depending on vehicle, and alternator wont charge.Harmonic balancer/serpentine belt problem?
    The harmonic balance is connected to the end of the crank shaft and is used to tranmit the power to the rest of your accessories through the serpentine belt.

    Harmonic balances don't typically just fall off, and though it is possible as some of them have a rubber connection that fails, you definitely would have heard something if it had truly fallen off, not to mention probably have a hole or very bad dent some where in your car.

    Odds are the serpentine belt was lose, maybe the tensioner is bad and the serpentine belt fell off. You'll need the serpentine belt to drive the accessories. It's possible that one of the accessories (ie, A/C compressor Siezed and caused the belt to come off)

    How much is he charging? Obviously the first thing to try is to simply replace the serpentine belt and see if it works.

    If replacing the belt appears to work, I would drive it home that way, but minimize my use of all the accessories. (ie don't use the A/C, minimize use of electrical items) until I determined why the belt fell off initially.

    How do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?

    I changed the water pump and took off the belt ok and now am having difficulty installing the belt again. Can you provide a step by step on how to put the belt back on? The more details the better.How do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?
    If you look on the engine there will be a belt tensioner pulley that is smaller than the other pulleys. this is spring loaded and adjusts by use of a 3/8%26quot; ratchet. you line up the new belt and release the tension on the pulley, and then install belt around the pulleys and then let the tension come back by letting the tensioner %26quot;go%26quot;. the spring loaded action should give your belt the proper amount of tension. Hope this helpsHow do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?
    there should be a sticker around the top of the radiator area(under the hood) showing the belt configuationHow do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?
    There should be a picture under the hood of how the belt should look on the pulleysHow do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?
    usually in a small car like that all you have to do is push down on the pulleyHow do you install the serpentine belt on a 1995 Chevy barreta 2.2l engine?
    There is usually a diagram under the hood of the car. Usually on the radiator cover or the strut mounts.Get the belt on the bottom ,or lowest pulleys first. Then keeping tention on the belt feed it on to the next pully up. If the pulley has grooves then of course thats the part the ribbed side of the belt should touch. Smoo is the back side of the belt. look for a diagram that looks like the one on this web site.
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  • How to change a serpentine in a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE?

    The belt is getting some wear and squeals a good bit when i start the car. Getting tired of the sound and was going to change them. Before anyone tells me to take it to a garage or something. I don't feel like spending a lot of money on something that costs almost nothing to do. Plus I like to learn about how everything works and what everything is and working on my own cars by myself allows me to do this. I just want a legit answer so i can get this done and be on my way. Thank YouHow to change a serpentine in a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE?
    The instructions are usually right on the engine.

    You'll need a wrench to pull back the tension bar/sprocket. The old one will then slide right off. Then put the new one back on the same way. Pay attention to the chart and how you took the old one off.

    Get a buddy to help you, if you try to hold the tension bar back with one hand while trying to remove/replace the belt, and it slips, it can flip the wrench into your face and give you a good smack. My buddy Ryan got stitches like this.How to change a serpentine in a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE?
    A wrench or a socket in a ratchet will not do the job. The strut tower is too close to the tensioner. There's not enough room for a socket wrench and you'll wind-up eating a combination wrench as you cant get enough leverage. The spring inside the tensioner is very tough and strong.

    Sears and any auto parts store sells a *serpentine belt tensioner tool which costs about $22.00. It's an 18%26quot; bar with a 3/8 drive in the end that will fit metric crows feet open ends or shallow-well 3/8 sockets that come with the tool. With this high leverage tool the belt will come off and back on like melted butter.

    The tool can be used on any car with a belt tensioner.

    1995 Grand Am Tensioner?

    My pontiac has a little problem.

    I just changed the serpentine belt, put a new one on and started the car up.

    It made a horrid screeching sound then stopped after a few moments.

    Then when i revved it up while it was slowing down i heard a grinding noise.

    I listened to everything and im sure its the belt tensioner.

    I dont know how to remove the belt tensioner.

    Do i use a box end rench? a ratchet?

    Lift or drop the motor again?

    Which way to I turn the wrench? Is it reverse thredding?

    Please respond, i need your help.1995 Grand Am Tensioner?
    buy a haynes manual from an auto store.

    and are you my uncle?

    because my dads brother called my dad about this for the same car...

    1994 Plymouth voyager repair serpentine belt?

    anyone know how to put the serpintine belt back on, by boyfriend took it off to change the altenator and now it isnt on there right. dad says a diagram would help if anyone has one1994 Plymouth voyager repair serpentine belt?
    yes look at the belt one side is smooth and the one side is riped with lines start with the center hub in the engine then follow the smooth pulleys with the smooth side of the belt and it will be self explanatory .....look around in the engine you should see one (diagram)1994 Plymouth voyager repair serpentine belt?
    Can't remember the Voyager engine, but here's the best picture I could find...

    Pretty straightforward.1994 Plymouth voyager repair serpentine belt?
    put the belt in hot water for few minutes and then change1994 Plymouth voyager repair serpentine belt?
    go to for diagram (repair guide)

    I have a 2001 ford mustang GT (4.6L V8 engine) and as of this morning the a/c does not work.?

    The fan and everything else works but it does not put out cool air at all. The a/c was working yesterday and the only work i have done that has anything to do with the a/c was to change the serpentine belt and i checked the routing so i dont think that this would cause any problems with the compressor, especially since it has been about 4 days since i changed it. Has anyone else had this happen and what was the problem and how did you fix it? Any help is appreciated.I have a 2001 ford mustang GT (4.6L V8 engine) and as of this morning the a/c does not work.?
    Sounds like your system has sprung a leak or has gotten too low on refrigerant. When the system gets too low, it shuts down so the compressor doesn't get ruined causing a very costly repair. I would get the vehicle to a reputable repair facility that employs ase master certified technicians and have the ac system checked out.I have a 2001 ford mustang GT (4.6L V8 engine) and as of this morning the a/c does not work.?
    haha tipical FORD for you.I have a 2001 ford mustang GT (4.6L V8 engine) and as of this morning the a/c does not work.?
    I agree with Will S, however I had this happen to me once and it turned out to be a loose connection at the wiring harness that supplied power to the compressor...just something you may check 1st, you never know.By the way check any wires you see going to the compressor by wiggling them as the ac is turned on and listen for the compressor to kick careful and watch your hands as to not get them caught in the belt, etc...

    My grand am?

    well i know how to change the serpentine belt on cars but what do i do on this one please is there another way to do this with out remove a bunch of other stuff around it its the v6 3.0 engine and its a 1997 i would have grabbed the pully but u just cant get to itMy grand am?
    well my friend you have a problem, there is no way to change the belt without removing a bunch of stuff. wait until you have to change the water pump. You have to remove the motor mounts in the front and pull the motor forward.My grand am?
    Not an easy one. The lower engine strut on the right has to be removed. And you will need a special tool to reach the tensioner. Good luckMy grand am?
    always replace the tensioner also after going through the trouble to replace the belt on this model
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  • How much will it cost to replace brakes, ball joint, wheel bolts and belt for a 99 VW beatle?

    I need to get my rear brakes/rotors, one ball joint, two rear wheel bolts, and my serpentine belt replaced. I also need an oil change. How much should all this cost to fix including labor? Thanks!How much will it cost to replace brakes, ball joint, wheel bolts and belt for a 99 VW beatle?
    it will most likely run about 600.00 to 800.00 dollars. you can also go into a shop and get a written estimate. and that is at no charge. make sure it includes the price of parts and book time labor.. book time labor is the recommended time to make repairs to your car. the ball joint is about an hour, the belt is about an hour, half hour for each wheel stud, and about 2.5 hours for your rear brakes depending on the e-brake shoes. good luck!!How much will it cost to replace brakes, ball joint, wheel bolts and belt for a 99 VW beatle?
    Parts, you're looking at about 300$ from autozone, expect about 350$ from an independent shop, 450$ from the dealer. I'd estimate about 5 hours of labor by the book, at 65$ an hour which is what most independent shops charge, you're looking at about 325$ in labor. The dealer may charge as much as 100$ an hour, sometimes more.How much will it cost to replace brakes, ball joint, wheel bolts and belt for a 99 VW beatle?
    around 300 usd should be fairHow much will it cost to replace brakes, ball joint, wheel bolts and belt for a 99 VW beatle?
    What the heck happened to your car?

    Rear brakes+ rotors (oem replacement around 150); ball joint at least 100, wheel bolts? Under 20. Serp belt about 30-40. But the installation is going to kill you 4 hours by book? About that...

    At least 500 altogether at an indy shop.

    I have a couple questions about a 94 chevy caprice?

    how difficult is it to change out a serpentine belt in a 94 caprice, also how much does a ac compressor run for one of these cars.I have a couple questions about a 94 chevy caprice?
    You don't even need a friend to help change it, take a sharp knife to the old one, and it comes off EASY.

    There is a specialty tool for belt tensioners, but I have never used one.

    All I use is a ratchet if I can get it on or a box end wrench and a pipe for leverage if needed.

    Your first responder is correct in that it will take a professional shop to do the repair. You may be able to get a deal from where ever you buy the compressor.

    Good luckI have a couple questions about a 94 chevy caprice?
    The serpentine belt is easy. All it takes is a ratchet handle and a friend. You relieve the tension and he slides the old belt off and slides the new one on. The A/C compressor will run you about $250 for the part, but it will take a pro with specialty tools to install it, vacuum the system, and recharge it. Total cost might be as high as $500. Good luck.I have a couple questions about a 94 chevy caprice?
    13mm socket on a decent 3/8%26quot; drive rachet is all you need to change serpentine belt.

    as far as AC, a compressor usually will run $250 plus depending on where you get it from. IT's recommended to buy new orifice tube and drier. As long as the AC comp is the only thing at fault (IE no holes in evaporator or condenser), you can buy manifold gauges, and a vacuum pump at Harbor freight for under $100. Get the right comp oil, and the right amount of 134a. Get a haynes manual, and with a little ability you can probably change out the compressor yourself. Plently of directions on how to pull down the system and charge it yourself.

    Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?

    I have a f-150 with the 5.0 engine and it keeps shearing off the bolts that holds the alternator and smog pump bracket to the engine. I changed the serpentine belt and Idler pulley and reinstalled the bracket and it did it again. Has anyone seen this problem before and if so how do I repair it?Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
    Check to see if you're motor mounts are worn or broken. This can make the engine vibrate and work harden the bolts leading to stress fractures. Alos make sure that its tuned correctly and not shaking from low or rough idle. Good luck!!Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
    ive had this problem with my 95 it was doing it when i cranked the engine over it when it first started it would shake violently causing it to happen fix the bolts again and then have someone start it up while you watch it and you my see a violent action when your engine initially begins to run does your truck vibrate roughly when cold if it does you need to garage it when you can it ll help keep temp up on if it does start with a big shake replace spark plugs and also get stronger bolts that'll help hold it together

    Try checking your axles it could be what your driving is causing brackets to flex make sure axles are performing correctly