Thursday, June 2, 2011

How do I know if my timing belt has broken?

I'm currently driving a 1999 Toyota Camry CE, running on a 4 cylinder engine, and my check engine light just came one. Recently I had my spark plugs replaced, the radiator/hoses, fan belts, and serpentine belts done, but the mechanic I went to warned me that my timing belt should be coming up since it should have been done at 150,000, and I'm at 160,000 miles. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if it may be the timing belt, i did not notice any change in my car as i was driving except for hearing a tiny bit of clicking coming from behind my dashboard. If it is broken, how much should I look forward to paying?

Side Note, they also told me I needed to get a gasket cap replaced, told me it isn't pertinent, but could that cause a check engine light to spring up?How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
First off, I've never heard of a gasket cap.

Second, I doubt any gasket your make your engine light come on.

Third, it's a little convenient that you just passed the mileage maintenance and they are just more than happy to help.

It depends on when the last time the belt was done. If you don't know and you have the cash to do it, then go ahead. If you don't then start saving for one.

These days, the only way you are going to know if your timing belt busted is when your car stops working, then you have real engine damage.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
Timing belts usually need replaced every 50k miles. I'm not familiar with belts. But I learned that timing %26quot; chains rarely ever need to be changed. I think if your engine has a rough idle or misfires that could be symptoms of a worn timing belt.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
if a timing belt fails the engine will not start. it should be done at 60-80,000 miles. if you have not had it done yet, get it done! which %26quot;gasket cap%26quot; a gas cap can trigger that light.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
it isnt broken yet if your car is still running and as far as that clicking noise idk wut that isHow do I know if my timing belt has broken?
Your timing belt isn't broken cuz then you wouldn't be driving. I recently changed mine and it costed a little less than 1k.How do I know if my timing belt has broken?
If your timing belt breaks while you're driving it can ruin your engine. Tends to bend the valves. This belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft and if it breaks you won't be going anywhere unless you happen to be on the top of a hill and can coast. It definitely needs to be replaced while it isn't broken and if it has a lot of miles on it do it soon. costs can vary all over the place. shop around. The belt itself is probably 15-30 dollars at an auto parts store but this isn't really a do it yourself job unless you're pretty experienced with engine work. The engine light can be literally hundreds of things so you need to get the codes read and go from there.