Thursday, June 2, 2011

My grand am?

well i know how to change the serpentine belt on cars but what do i do on this one please is there another way to do this with out remove a bunch of other stuff around it its the v6 3.0 engine and its a 1997 i would have grabbed the pully but u just cant get to itMy grand am?
well my friend you have a problem, there is no way to change the belt without removing a bunch of stuff. wait until you have to change the water pump. You have to remove the motor mounts in the front and pull the motor forward.My grand am?
Not an easy one. The lower engine strut on the right has to be removed. And you will need a special tool to reach the tensioner. Good luckMy grand am?
always replace the tensioner also after going through the trouble to replace the belt on this model
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