Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado

The jeep is a dark Bergundy red.

The paint code seems to be scraped over and I can't read it.

Any one know what the code is? as i need to touch up some scrapes.

Also thanks for the advice on how to install a serpentine belt on this jeep

However the big problem was that the pulley attached to the crank was shot

I was able to clear all the pieces of belt wrapped around the other pulleys and got the jeep to the service station w/out overheating

Changing the Pulley was not a walk in the park but I got a lesson on changing pulleys and belts

Thanks for all your replies

I am now an RKP a ( reasonably knowledgeable person ) Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
This is mostly an educated guess but I would say your vehicles paint code is PEG which is dark rosewood, the part for a brush type bottle is 4796116ab $8.75 available in a day or two from your local dealership.

If you would like you can email me the last 9 digits of your vin and I can make sure the info I gave you is correct.Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
you can call n the vin to chrysler ,keep your jeep, itll last longer than most woman.

Have a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Lorado
I think if you look in the door there is a tag you may find it there hope it helps