Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?

I have a f-150 with the 5.0 engine and it keeps shearing off the bolts that holds the alternator and smog pump bracket to the engine. I changed the serpentine belt and Idler pulley and reinstalled the bracket and it did it again. Has anyone seen this problem before and if so how do I repair it?Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
Check to see if you're motor mounts are worn or broken. This can make the engine vibrate and work harden the bolts leading to stress fractures. Alos make sure that its tuned correctly and not shaking from low or rough idle. Good luck!!Why does my 94 F-150 break engine bolts?
ive had this problem with my 95 it was doing it when i cranked the engine over it when it first started it would shake violently causing it to happen fix the bolts again and then have someone start it up while you watch it and you my see a violent action when your engine initially begins to run does your truck vibrate roughly when cold if it does you need to garage it when you can it ll help keep temp up on if it does start with a big shake replace spark plugs and also get stronger bolts that'll help hold it together

Try checking your axles it could be what your driving is causing brackets to flex make sure axles are performing correctly