Thursday, June 2, 2011

What type of belts are in a car?

96 toyota corolla 1.8L 192,000miles

Besides the timing belt, what are the belts in the car?

alternator belt, serpentine belt, what else?

How much would it be to change all of them?What type of belts are in a car?
Power steering, alternator %26amp; aircon belts.

These belts are %26quot;poly V%26quot; types, they are a little more expensive than a standard V- belt, but have a longer life.

You don't have any belt that could be classified as a %26quot;serpentine%26quot; belt. These are a single belt that snakes its way around all the accessories fitted to an engine, that's why they're referred to as %26quot;serpentine%26quot;.

You'll just need to get a quote for replacement.

Are you sure you need them replaced?What type of belts are in a car?
some cars have one belt and they range in priceWhat type of belts are in a car?
power steering air conditioning go to a good mechanic and get a bid