Thursday, June 2, 2011

1995 Grand Am Tensioner?

My pontiac has a little problem.

I just changed the serpentine belt, put a new one on and started the car up.

It made a horrid screeching sound then stopped after a few moments.

Then when i revved it up while it was slowing down i heard a grinding noise.

I listened to everything and im sure its the belt tensioner.

I dont know how to remove the belt tensioner.

Do i use a box end rench? a ratchet?

Lift or drop the motor again?

Which way to I turn the wrench? Is it reverse thredding?

Please respond, i need your help.1995 Grand Am Tensioner?
buy a haynes manual from an auto store.

and are you my uncle?

because my dads brother called my dad about this for the same car...